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Proletariat Cook

About Us

Proletariat Cook started out as a conversation between my daughter and I about what one can do with crabapples. There is small field on the corner of Fountain Street and Webster, right off the Medford rotary. We would take our dog Mollie there for runs. On this field there are two old crabapple trees that produce fruit every few years and that year they had made a bumper crop. My daughter wondered why no one was doing anything with all these crabapples and thought it a shame that they would go to waste. So we thought it was a great idea to make something out of them. And we did and the result was the best crabapple butter you'll find anywhere. That’s how Proletariat Cook came to be.

Ye old crabapple tree

What should I make of thee

Your spring blossoms are a joy

Your autumn fruit shames all jewels

So don’t be bashful or coy

Just remember “the crabapple rules”!